Mi presento

Stefania, born in ’64, has a scientific background (a high school diploma with 60/60 in 82) and a technological background (a degree in Information Sciences with honors in January 1988 and an upgrade to the MSc degree) in Computer Science with honors in 2004)

“In my professional career I managed complex projects that concern the processing of information, data and metadata for different application domains and tools capable of supporting the user in information retrieval, learning management and knowledge management activities. I worked in the private and public sectors, participating in corporate client projects and research projects collaborating with universities and research centers.”

Two turning points: the first at 29 years old, waiting for the third child, with the choice of consultancy to live motherhood and parenting with freedom and serenity, the second at 50 years old, with a layoff from the technological world and a dip in manual skills.

The world of craftsmanship and the art of hands has always intrigued me

In the winter of 2014, I took my first steps into the world of weaving in a beautiful laboratory in Vallo di Diano, supported by the passionate explanations of Margherita Pica. It was three magical months: classical background music and the voice / percussion of the looms in action, and I let myself be enraptured by the infinite expressive possibilities of the threads of all kinds.

Since then I have continued to discover and explore: natural dyeing, eco-printing, the world of WEARABLE and IoT, the sustainability of materials, reuse and recycling, digital manufacturing.

I like to listen and observe nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for shapes, colors, sounds and smells and then try to experiment with new patterns of colors and materials. I try to weave colored threads, conductive threads and threads of all kinds so that the senses are always trained to listen, observe, contact with our most intimate strings and to give a skilful response to our always lively desire for sensoriality both in the real way than in the virtual world.