it was a dream, now it's a business project

The project aims to provide a harmonious synthesis of the craftsmanship of weaving, research and design, the dissemination of an art that is history, tradition and health and the production of artifacts that tell the beauty of the area with a look at contemporary, supported by the use of technology that innovates in details and by a responsible and sustainable choice of materials and production processes.

The mix of these elements, based on the richness of the history and beauty of the territories, contributes to fueling the production of an intangible heritage, difficult to replicate and to give a character of originality to Orditi Digitali products.


The ORDITI DIGITALI brand was born from the idea of a ball of threads that symbolically represent the connection of the network and at the same time gives the idea of manual work (ball of wool for knitting). The round shape also represents the world and the threads that make it up / run represent the internet with its well-known potential. The strength of the color passes through the choice of a monochromatic gray scale with a single element in “marlboro” red. In the sea of the net, each thread must have its own strength and connotation to capture attention in a strong, unequivocal way.